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Arthur S. Patterson, Ph.D. is a Florida  Licensed Psychologist with over 20 years experience in  diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, and other issues.   In addition to psychological services (evaluation, individual, and couple therapy) for emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal problems, Dr. Patterson provides neuropsychological evaluation of memory, dementia, stroke, and brain injury.

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Are you considering treatment, or do you need office information?: Common questions and answers as well as descriptions of service are contained in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  Directions and a map are available as well as office forms for you to print out and complete prior to an initial visit

Depression Signs  is a brief review of common symptoms of depression. 

Reduction of everyday stress: Eleven Steps to Stress Reduction is a condensed, to the point manual focusing on changing thoughts that produce everyday stress. The manual is free. Click Here to Download the Manual or use the Stress Reduction button on the left for more information.